The futon has an important historical journey. This piece is of oriental origin, specifically from Japan. It is a thin cloth covered in cotton and synthetic material that can be stored very easily and at night it is unfolded to obtain a bed. In Japan, its use has a lot to do with tradition, and is a very important piece within the houses. Its design was ideal to take advantage of a space that at night could be a bedroom without any inconvenience.

In western countries, this modality is the inspiration for the development of a futon with peculiar and slightly different characteristics. In these countries, the quilt of the piece becomes much thicker, with proportions similar to those of an original mattress. When picked up, this piece of furniture is a sofa in its entire splendor, while at night it is a bed.

The version of the futon in the West is more a kind of “bed-couch”. The differences are so notorious, that even in Japan many people consider that this should not be called futon.

Now, beyond considering its historical connotations, what concerns us is its functionality. It is such a versatile piece that it can be useful in any type of house.

It is ideal for very small spaces where it is necessary to take advantage of every possible corner, but it is not the only thing; It also works very well in large houses where people need to have additional beds without taking up too much space.

Futons are made up of two pieces: the frame(usually made of wood), and the mattress. The most important part of this piece really is the latter, since it will really depend on how the chosen futon results in the end.

Tips for choosing a good futon mattress

A futon mattress must comply with a few characteristics, and these are basically the rigidity and stability of the form, being soft and comfortable at the same time. This is much more important if you are looking for a futon matress for sleeping, since the mattress has a lot to do with the sleep quality of the person that uses it. Ergonomics should be one of the aspects most cared for by manufacturers if they want to obtain a quality futon.

To begin with, the material with which the futon must be constructed must be cotton fibers. The structure of its fibers is very peculiar among the available materials, since these are able to adopt the shape of the body on top of it. This generates more comfort in rest.

In this sense, the use of cotton generates a few limitations or, rather, a few aspects that must be considered to keep it in good condition. For example, if the futon mattress cover is made of a permeable fabric, it is not recommended to wash it. This can damage the cotton fiber, since its natural enemy is moisture. Therefore, the cover material must be impermeable if possible or at least easy to clean (without too much water).

Now, a futon can be found in two basic models: a bi-fold futon or a tri-fold one. If a futon mattress for sleeping is what you want, then the most advisable thing is to opt for a bi-fold futon. Being only a fold, the mattress is much thicker and stronger, making it ideal for sleeping.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a piece of furniture for your living room that will only be used as a bed in an eventual way, then a tri-fold mattress could work. The latter allow you to unfold the mattress partially, with which you get a very comfortable sofa to do certain activities, such as watching movies or something similar.

The comfort and softness provided by the material used is what distinguishes the western futons from the traditional Japanese futons, that despite fulfilling the same main purpose, the differences with respect to the design completely modify the functionalities of the piece.

The western futon that we know seeks to resemble as much as possible to a sofa, and also to a bed. Therefore, the mattress is very relevant, and should be equal or more careful than a traditional bed mattress.

Summarizing the previous ideas, when acquiring a futon in which you sleep you should consider:

  • A soft material and at the same time very resistant
  • An easy-to-clean cover where mites are removed with less difficulty
  • A resistant base that supports the continuous unfolding
  • A futon with few folds to have a thicker mattress
  • Additional covers if possible to protect the external upholstery.

Remember that everything you must look for in the best futon matress for sleeping is what gives you quality and comfort at the same time. The least you want is a futon that wears out very quickly or, worse yet, getting every day tired after a long and hard night thanks to an uncomfortable mattress.

An ideal piece for initiates

The futon can be used by any person, regardless of their personal purpose with respect to its use. However, futons are ideal in a very particular situation, and it is in buying or renting the first home. Usually, the first place we acquire on our own is small because we have to manage many expenses and the budget is usually not very large.

This piece is ideal considering its versatility and above all its low cost respect to traditional furniture. If this is your case, consider starting to furnish your house by buying a futon among the first pieces.