Clash of Clans has gained a lot of fame and popularity among teens and is defined as the perfect game for this generation. Millions of users across the world play the game on a daily basis. If we dwell into the history, this game was launched back in 2012 only for IOS platform but later in October 2013, the game expanded its audience to Android users too. In this fantasy world game, you are crowned as the leader of the village or clan.

In short, it’s a game where you being the leader of the clan, go out to build your own kingdom and gather relevant resources by building upon the army. But, in this process you have to be extremely careful and beware of the desires and envy awakened in other clans. In no time, you will find yourself surrounded by enemy clans trying to attack your kingdom and you have to be ready to defend yourself. In order to expand your kingdom, you are also required to attack and battle with other clans with the help of your clan. It’s basically about conquering more villages and picking up the resources available to improve the strength of your clan.

The game allows its players to battle with other players from around the world and compete for each other’s clan and defend yourself. Also with the might of the opponent increasing, it is necessary to employ the right strategy that will help take down any opponent coming forward. Also, if you find an enemy to be way too powerful just join the forces with other clans and work together to lock horns with the opponent. Build strategies while communicating with other fellow clans and exchange and receive troops from around the world.

Currencies in the Game:

So basically, there are four currencies accepted in the game. Gold and elixirs are used to build defences or renew them while jewels are the main currency, get them to move faster in the game. Along with this game also offers you plenty of options and features to use, so that you don’t get bored while playing the 3 minute war game. With more than millions of downloads it is rated as 4.5 stars in play store. Due to its immense number of downloads and use, the company now generates over a million dollar revenue per day. One can even hack the currencies and visit site that provide you with the facility.

How does it work?

  • The game is all about defending, attacking and winning the battle which ultimately depends upon the strength of your clan and each successful victory shall fetch you a maximum of 3 stars.
  • Destruction of City Hall of the opponent gives you 1 star, when you destroy at least 50% of opponent’s territory building, you get another star and upon complete annihilation you get another star.
  • For defence, it is important to upgrade your clan with Gold and Elixirs to help you escape from the attacks by the opponents and your clan resources is the whole backbone of your success in the game.
  • For attack, train your troops using resources and plan accordingly to attack the opposition by positioning your troops correctly to ensure your chances of winning getting high.
  • When you find an opponent and the attack beings, you have got about 30 seconds to have your say either by placing, attacking after a lapse of 30 seconds or right away. Another option is to withdraw the fight. To be adjudged the winner, you are supposed to destroy at least 50% of the opponent’s territory and vice versa to defend at least 50% of your territory.
  • Also, build gold mines and deposits and other mines to improve your troops and grab resources along the path by building and upgrading your troops and buildings.

Hacking, Cheat Codes and their Use:

If you wondering how to hack the game and use cheat codes on this game? Don’t worry there are plenty of them available. There are many websites that will present you with all the codes and hacks upon a Google search. But, it is important to be very suspicious and careful as many of them are designed to distribute malicious software around to retrieve personal information. It is also possible that the cheat codes you find maybe outdated and contaminated with malware, hence, look for a new guide with more resources.

Using some of these hacks you can easily obtain gold, elixir and jewels without any limit and build your resources to its maximum limit. You can visit site clash of clans hacks for it.It doesn’t matter which platform you are operating the game on be it Android or IOS. If you find a reliable source which can provide you these hacks, they will only require your username and will not use it to retrieve any sort of personal information and need not ask about the password. It can help you accelerate in the game progress and improve your status and you don’t have to wait for hours or solve any challenges posted by the game.

  • CoCOO_fr1mil: Used for 100 Gold free.
  • CoCOO_Lux5dgk: It can get you 5 gems for free.
  • CoCOO_Up1lvlpl: This code can be used for going one level up to 60 levels only.

When using these cheat codes, one has to assured to not be caught and hence anti-banning technologies come to rescue. The codes are required to be constantly updated, tested and new updaters are to be rolled out after security analysis and beta testing. It can also help you skip the waiting part for obtaining gold and elixir and focus on winning the game successfully.

Clash of Clans hacks visit site has cloud based cheats and is timely updated and maintained and monitored for security reasons. With going undetected you can make sure that your clan is the strongest and focus just on winning the games. With millions of users opting for cheat codes for an advantage, the traffic is usually really high and requires quality assurance and latest security updates. Also the tool can be used just about anywhere around the world and it is compatible with all the devices around supporting Clash of Clans.