With the increasing threat to environment some companies and start ups have made it their responsibility to produce products which will help protect and preserve the environment. One of these products is the Bamboo bottle.

Bamboo bottles have a very important mission. Promoting and Advancing the utilization of reusable bottles. The company that is producing it has enthusiasm for environmental protection for the planet from plastic waste because of single time used plastic bottles and that drove them to present an Eco-friendly reusable bottle which isn’t just clean and safe yet in addition is also very cool.

Bottled water utilization dramatically increased from 1997-2007, from 13.4 gallons to 29.3 gallons for each individual. Luckily, this pattern has reduced in the course of the most recent three years. Some portion of this indecision may come from the acknowledgment that most bottled water is celebrated filtered tap water.

bamboo bottles

Furthermore, huge numbers of us have worries over chemicals like phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) draining from plastic holders into our drinking water. At long last, there is the worry that 80% of plastic water bottles wind up in landfills and incinerators signifying huge measures of waste that degrades our planet

We’ve seen appealing reusable water bottles previously, yet there’s something especially enchanting about these Bamboo Bottle. It’s made of extreme Phyllostachys Pubescents bamboo and will hold numerous hot and icy refreshments while not enabling chemicals to drain into your drink.

Everything from Scaffold to Lunch is made from Bamboo in India. In every other part of the world it is marketed as an ecofriendly material. However, there are more reasons to why this is a very useful product to be used. It has many features to why it is more than just an eco- friendly item. It reusable an item which is far more beneficial than regular bottles.

These are a few features which makes this a perfectly reusable item:

Glass- It gives the water a pure taste. This is dishwater safe, and the glass inside won’t filter chemicals into the drink

Plastic: It gives the plastic feel and Using plastics is clearly not perfect, but rather they have utilized without BPA and food grade materials to make the top, base and nut a sheltered and productive approach to hold the bamboo bottle together.

Bamboo- To provide toughness and protection. Bamboo gives the bottles style and quality. Bamboo is considered for all intents and is practically inexhaustible. It develops as a process in a couple of years, making it a flawlessly renewable asset. It is an appropriate selection of material because it develops and is harvest able in 3-4 years’ time. Bamboo is additionally amazingly solid, smooth and lovely. What’s more, bamboo has a higher elasticity than numerous alloys of steel.