If you are starting as a guitarist, or if you are finally able to have your own, it is very likely that you feel excited. The instrument can become as personal as another part of our body. For this reason, it is good that you know some ways to optimize your budget and make a big purchase, which you can feel very satisfied with.

You probably already have the dream store where you want to buy your new treasure. When you enter you can visualize many colors and shapes, and a nice section for acoustic guitars. And there is just the one you crave: a preciousness of fine wood that costs $ 2000. So did you wake up from your dream?

When a person is starting as a guitarist, he must be very cautious when purchasing his first guitar. Spending that amount of money is making sure you have a guitar for life. But what happens if you do not have that big budget? Will there still be good options? Well, the answer is yes. If what you want is to learn and acquire practice and expertise, this is not a bad initial with a guitar that does not have such high budget standards.

Now, the question that must surround your mind is quality. What makes you sure that buying a guitar for less than $ 500 will end up being a good investment in the end? Well, in the market there is everything. You can find one of the best acoustic guitars under 500 that are available as long as you know how to search. That’s what reviews and expert advice on the web are for.

Try to get a comfortable guitar, good wood and at a reasonable cost. Do not pay much attention to your style and the aesthetic concept you have about the perfect guitar. There will be time and money for that. Better worry about gathering these qualities, since a good instrument will be fundamental for you to learn the techniques correctly.


About money, enough information was already mentioned. But, in this specific fact we can delve much more. The choice of your guitar should be according to your budget, and it is the one that will really determine what type of guitar you can acquire. If your budget is large, the best thing you can do is acquire the guitar you want once and for all.

If your budget goes below $1000 or even $500, then do not worry; you do not have to stop your dream, but rather you have to make several decisions about it. One of the most recommended options is that you spend little money on accessories or look for the cheapest possible and focus better on having a good guitar. With that $500 for your first guitar will be enough.

Now, if you still want a more expensive guitar, the best thing to do is keep saving money. You should not rush if you want a guitar with a high cost. Everything is in your hands, but the most important thing is that you do not waste money on a product that you can regret.

However, if on the other hand you decide to go through the second option, then the best thing you can do is to know the best acoustic guitars under 500. The most important thing is to maximize the money invested.

Guitar accessories

As a guitarist apprentice, you need to know the set of accessories that can be used with it and above all learn to use it. For example, what if you do not learn how to use a set of strings, a guitar strap, and a metronome? All these will be very important for your instrument, and they will allow you to know the potentialities of the guitar that you choose at the end.

However, the most advisable thing is not using too much money in the purchase of the instruments. If your budget is not that big and you are not willing to wait any longer before having your guitar, then you can find one of the best acoustic guitars under 500 and get accessories that are not too expensive. Do not worry; think of them as part of your learning. In the future you can acquire better ones if you already have enough money.

Final tips

What has been raised above suggests that the most important thing about a guitar is not its cost or its brand, but its quality and how the musician feels about it. So, keep your options and then take care to try them; this will make the final decision much easier.

To summarize some previous ideas, think that:

  • It is not worth spending too much money, the most important thing for you at this moment is to acquire enough practice and gain a lot of experience.
  • The brand should not cloud your mind. There are great products that are not made-in-china quality and listed among the best acoustic guitars. You can find very good brands there.
  • These guitars are a bit cheaper to handle these prices because they are not focused on the styling. Manufacturers try to use good wood and make a great assembly, without paying extreme attention to the fineness of the guitar or the particular design.
  • Your guitar must be comfortable in your lap, as if it had been designed for you.

Finally, keep in mind that being a musician can be a great journey. Each day you will learn a little more thanks to practice and effort and therefore you should not stop being constant. Find your perfect model and rest assured that you will come across great experiences with it.