As is known, Fortnite is one of the most popular and loved games by young people today, because it provides a world of adventures that have captured the attention of a large number of people around the world. This game was launched in 2017 and is currently present in all social networks as a global trend.

The game consists of two different game modes: Battle Royale and Save the World. The gameplay Battle Royal represents the most popular among the Fortnite players, because it consists of a battle between approximately 100 players who connect simultaneously to carry out an epic battle where they seek to survive everything, eliminating all the opponents and being the last to survive.

This game mode represents an exciting adventure that allows players to interact with other people around the world, interacting with them and sharing game strategies. However, Fortnite did not start the game with this mode.

The beginning of this global phenomenon was given from the game mode Saving the World, where players instead of being immersed in a fight between several players are involved in a story to save the world and humanity. So, this mode is in the survival genre, where players walk through an open world that presents certain challenges and missions that must be completed.

The story of the game consists of the following: in a fictional world, the majority of the human race has disappeared as a result of an unexplained storm that devastated the entire planet. However, there are small groups of survivors who adapted to survive this event.

The storm has the quality of releasing certain creatures called shells that seek to kill the few survivors. In this sense, people found a way to counteract the effects of the storm, creating shelters where they can feel more secure. This is where the player enters the story, because, at the beginning of the game he becomes the general of a group of survivors, so, he must direct the people in the task of surviving.

The player has the task of crossing the open world of the game, moving away from the safe areas, in order to collect resources for the group of survivors while It eliminates as many possible shells as possible, it can also gather new survivors so that it can be made bigger in the group and have more possibilities to grow as a community.

This game mode was initially thought of as an individual game, but after its release it became a cooperative game, where a group of up to four players can join to lead the group of survivors and complete all missions quickly.

Characteristics of the game

This game mode competes almost the same characteristics as the Battle Royale mode, because in both the player must collect the most resources to survive. However, in this game mode, weapons are usually more powerful, although more materials are needed to build them.

As for where it is played, this game can be played on the platforms of Windows, macOS, Play Station 4 and Xbox One, having that will soon be available on Nintendo Switch. The only difference it has compared to Battle Royal, is that currently this game mode is not free, having to play it you need to buy an access to the company Epic Games (creator of the game Fortnite).

Advantages of playing Save the world mode

Although this game mode is a paid game mode, from this you can obtain great advantages that can also be used for the game of Battle Royal. In this sense, when a player wants to update his game avatar, he needs to buy updates of his tools and weapons using real money. So, although these updates are not very expensive, if you make a large purchase of them you tend to spend a lot money.

This is where it comes into play to save the world, since by buying access to this game mode the player can earn an internal currency in Fortnite, called V-Bucks, which are obtained by overcoming the missions in the territory where the game is developed. These currencies can be spent buying the same updates that were mentioned above, so in the long term this represents a saving of money, not needing to buy the updates with real money.

Tips to survive in the Fortnite game mode: save the world

As in the game mode of Battle Royale, it is necessary to know some tips to ensure survival in this complicated world for beginner players looking to gain experience in this popular game today. So, among some of the tips to play correctly Save the world we have:

  • Choosing correctly the hero that is going to be used throughout the game is of vital importance when playing in this game mode, because the abilities of the chosen hero do not always match the abilities of the player who is controlling it. It is for this reason that you must choose a hero or character that has the skills that best suit the person who is starting in this world.
  • You must correctly manage the inventory you have, that is, you must know what is needed to survive, so that you always have what you need to do the missions and do not waste time structuring the inventory with things that are not essential.
  • You must always look for the best resources that you can, this is important since the resources are used to improve the strengths against the creature that haunt the survivors. This is also vital when building the best possible weapons.
  • Try to recruit as many survivors as you can, so that the group that accompanies you is always bigger, which provides more chances to survive.
  • Although in this world it is possible to find weapons, the most advisable thing is to create your own, since these tend to be more powerful and more useful when playing.

If you follow all these tips it is very likely that you can endure and prosper in this fictional world where the Fortnite story unfolds.