The Classic Top is a leak proof traditional screw lid offering you the ability to drink directly from glass. It conveniently holds your beverage of choice; whether it's a smoothie or cocktail, water or tea, hot or cold. The Classic Top is perfect to throw in your bag and it will satisfy your water bottle needs. The soft part of the Classic Top may look like it does something, but don't be fooled, simply unscrew the cap completely to sip directly from the purity of glass.


The Flip Top lid offers convenience for daily hydration and is leak proof when closed. The Flip Top is the perfect water bottle at the gym, for your morning commute, or at yoga class as it allows for on the go hydration with an internal straw that eliminates having to tip the bottle. Opening your Flip Top bottle is simple; Press down on the outer part of the spout to enjoy sipping sustainably from the purity of glass.


The Hot Top is a splash proof lid that allows you to savor your hot beverages on the go. The two-piece lid pops apart so you can clean the whole Hot Top including the residual gunk that sometimes gets left behind. The Hot Top is not spill proof so please take care when using the lid on your everyday adventures. Our bottle utilizes the natural insulative qualities of bamboo and while it may not keep your drink hot all morning, it will allow you to enjoy your coffee or tea while sipping from the purity of glass.