Introduction to streaming

Streaming videos of any kind especially movies is the norm of many people nowadays. With stable internet, you can stay online for as long as your eyes can stand the screen. Previously, one could only download a movie or any file for that matter, waiting endlessly for them to download completely so that they could can watch or listen to them later, but streaming has since taken over and now you do not necessarily need to download a file so that you can be able to watch it. Gone also, are the days when cinemas were the only option when it came to watching a movie. Nowadays, there are so many websites where someone can stream movies and even download for later watching. All that is needed is a compatible media and internet means and you are good to go.

Whereas there are sites that require you to sign up and subscribe so that you can be able to stream their content, some other sites such as putlocker among others are available freely and all you need is to have internet connection and you are good to go. Technology is just getting better with time and one wonders what could be the next discovery when it comes to files streaming online. Who knows maybe we may not require internet anymore in the future for that matter? But that is a topic for another day.

So what is streaming? It is a situation whereby a user watches video or listens to audio content on computer screen, smartphone or home entertainment system over the internet. When streaming, the user does not have to download the video or audio file so that they may watch or listen to it, but with just enough bandwidth in their internet connection they are able to watch and listen online.

However, most streaming sites offer download options whereby one may prefer downloading first, storing it in their pc storage for later watching at their own free time. Downloading is helpful because you may find that when you want to stream the internet connection may fail you, and if it happens you had taken advantage and downloaded something you would have wanted to watch, you are sorted for the time being before having the internet fixed.

You cannot stream or download files if the bandwidth in the internet connection is not enough. Another reason you may be able to enjoy streaming files online is if your computer software is not compatible. As much as we can say that online movie sites have taken over cinemas glory, we cannot leave behind the fact that most films release takes place in movie theatres before they are made available online.

Now let us look at some of the reasons many people prefer streaming files online.

Reasons why most people are into online streaming of videos

1. Accessibility

You do not need rocket science to access videos or audios online. With a compatible device and a fast but stable internet connection then you are ready for some breathtaking online experience. You can access video sites by searching for them using internet browsers. However some sites happen to create apps for which you have the option of installing them and watch your movies from there, whichever way that suits you the best. Most sites are mobile friendly meaning that you can stream videos via phone or tablet.

2. High quality videos

Not long time ago, you could not find videos of good quality online because apparently, the main concern was keeping the file size to a minimum so that it could be uploaded in the internet with ease. But today because of improved internet connection speed, videos with high definition are available in most sites such as putlocker for streaming. It should be noted that as much as HD videos are readily available for streaming online, the video quality solely depends on the speed of internet connection one has.

3. Huge movie library

Most movie sites have big movie collections library of different genres from comedy, action, horror, documentaries, crime, animation, thriller, family, fantasy, drama, adventure and so much more. That shows how spoilt for choice you can be if you happen to like several genres as your favorites.

Another advantage with visiting a site with a huge movie collection is that you can search using the year of release and voila! They will show up for your own convenience and satisfaction. As the years go by, these movies will still be available for the coming generation and they will be able to see what todays movies looked like and compare with movies of that time.

4. Reduced cost of entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, the costs can be quite overwhelming when it comes to servicing TV subscriptions and buying new movies leaving a dent in your monthly budgets. Free movies and other files are readily available in most websites so why sweat it out when it comes to your entertainment needs. You do not even need to leave the comfort of your house when it comes to streaming movies online. There is also the freedom that comes with online streaming like the unlimited number of movies access under one platform. With stable and fast internet connection your entertainment needs are taken care of without digging too deep into your pocket.

5. 24/7 movies availability

When it comes to streaming movies online, there is unlimited time for which you can be online. Unlike in movie theatres where you have to go for specific times to watch your favorite movie, with online streaming you can watch videos any time you feel like even if it’s in the wee hours of the night when you can’t get any sleep. Although there are times when some sites are down due to system maintenance issues, that does not mean that all of them are undergoing maintenance and you can therefore switch to others that are functioning.